Sai Zhang from Neko Galaxy, inspired by Deathburger

I painted this Sai Zhang from Neko Galaxy in 2020 and it was an interesting project because I tried to capture the style of the original artwork with my painting.

Original artwork of Sai Zhang by Deathburger

Now that you’ve seen Deathburger’s version, take a look at mine on the photo below:

Sai Zhang from Neko Galaxy, painted by Ańa
Sai Zhang, painted by Ańa

I am not attaching any more photos because you can see the model on the video below:

Sai Zhang from Neko Galaxy, painted by Ańa – video

The model comes from Neko Galaxy and it’s a resin figure in 75mm scale. I painted it with acrylic paints, using techniques of wetblending and comic book style of blacklining. It’s inspired by Figure was Deathburger‘s original artwork from the book Glory to The Mashine! The Future is Now.

Here you can see a few shots from the process of making the model, including the custom base that I got from a team-mate, Calamity.