Sands of Time (Myersalome)

You will find no Prince of Persia here, even though the title can be misleading. I used it for my scene with Myersalome, Queen of Havoc.

The model was released by Morland Studios and I used a resin wall that I had in my bits box. I think it was a part of a Fenryll model that I painted in the first years in the miniature painting hobby. 😀

My version differs from the original concept art and no longer can be considered a representation of Myersalome. The original concept art is undeniably adorable. Unfortunately the subtle facial features didn’t translate well to the sculpted model…

Myersalome (concept art)

So I decided to take an alternate direction, and made mine an Arabian-themed sorceress, standing next to a portal leading to another reality, plane or land.

To counterbalance the heavy composition on the right I placed the dragon a bit differently than in the original version.

It was an interesting project to work on, I could play a bit with textures on her dress, on the wall and on the cracked vase, but I would prefer to see the face as subtle and pretty as on the original art.