Sands of Time (Myersalome)

You will find no Prince of Persia here, even though the title can be misleading. I used it for my scene with Myersalome, Queen of Havoc.

The model was released by Morland Studios and I used a resin wall that I had in my bits box. I think it was a part of a Fenryll model that I painted in the first years in the miniature painting hobby. 😀

My version differs from the original concept art and no longer can be considered a representation of Myersalome. The original concept art is undeniably adorable. Unfortunately the subtle facial features didn’t translate well to the sculpted model…

Myersalome (concept art)

So I decided to take an alternate direction, and made mine an Arabian-themed sorceress, standing next to a portal leading to another reality, plane or land.

To counterbalance the heavy composition on the right I placed the dragon a bit differently than in the original version.

It was an interesting project to work on, I could play a bit with textures on her dress, on the wall and on the cracked vase, but I would prefer to see the face as subtle and pretty as on the original art.

Queen Medb – long forgotten…

Do you remember that I posted some WIP photos of Queen Medb from Morland Studios that I’ve been painting? Well, I almost forgot about her…

Queen Medb
Queen Medb

Some of you may remember her and the unfortunate glue accident that she suffered from… Well, I actually finished her quite some time ago but again due to the problems we had with the website, she was never presented here. But now she is 🙂

About the Queen Medb model:

Some of you may not be familiar with the model, so let me explain that it was released by Morland Studios. It’s Sebastian Archer’s sculpt, based on Howard David Johnson’s artwork.

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Official box art

Of course my interpretation is quite different, because who would like his painting to be compared to Sebastian’s? 😉

And if you want to know more about the character that inspired the original model, here’s the Wikipedia article about her.

OK, it’s time to return to my current project, the Emperor’s Children.

Cheers 🙂

Queen Medb saved!

I think I started this miniature like two years ago. Then due to an unfortunate accident I stopped, and only now am starting over from scratch. The miniature has been cleaned up, re-primed and here’s what she looks like now:

Sądzę, że zaczęłam ten model jakieś dwa lata temu. Potem przerwałam w wyniku pechowego zrządzenia losu, a teraz zaczynam od nowa. Figurka została wyczyszczona, ponownie spodkładowana i oto jak teraz wygląda:

Fairy Queen Mebd (work in progress)
Fairy Queen Mebd (WIP)

In case you are wondering, the model is Fairy Queen Medb from Morland Studios, but of course I am painting her in my own way. 🙂

Gdyby ktoś się zastanawiał co to za model, jest to Fairy Queen Medb z Morland Studios. Oczywiście maluję ją po swojemu. 🙂

Fairy Queen Mebd (colors)
The paints I used
Farby, których użyłam
Fairy Queen Mebd (palette)
My palette so far
Moja paleta jak dotąd

But that’s not the only reason for writing this post. I wanted to mention that a package with new paints arrived today, so my enthusiasm is renewed and I am looking forward to painting tomorrow!

Ale to nie jedyny powód, dla którego piszę dzisiejszego posta. Chciałam dodać, że dotarła do mnie paczuszka z nowymi farbami, więc nie mogę się doczekać jutrzejszego malowania z nowym entuzjazmem!

New paints
New paints, at last!
Nowe farby – nareszcie!