Lil’Ned the Bonecrusher Ogre

Here is my first painted miniature from Massive Darkness board game – Lil’Ned the Bonecrusher Ogre. This new game by CMON contains some nicely made plastic miniatures. They are designed mainly for gaming – hence they are made as one piece models (including the base). Only big monsters are made of more bits, but they are also assembled. In spite of that they are quite nicely detailed and should be useful also for a painter like me 😉
I don’t like plain bases, so I cut the miniature from his base with razor saw, glued some stone floor and put the miniature back on it’s base. One thing that could be better is the plastic thay are made of. It is quite hard (maybe better for gaming – more durable) so removing the mold lines was not very pleasant. As I finished praparations, the painting itself was a pleasure.

I think that more Massive Darkness miniatures will appear in my gallery in future 🙂