Lesza (Lesha), the haunted one

Who is Lesza? We know Leszy (usually translated to Leshy or Woodkin, but also Leshen in the Witcher 3 game) a demon of the woods from Slavic mythology. Lesza is supposed to be its female counterpart, and is also depicted as a bust from the Slavic Legends line by Ignis Art.

Lesza in her more haunted depiction

These are some beautiful busts with only one problem – the box arts are spectacular! Trying to go for the most obvious solutions is a guaranteed failure. I loved the model and wanted to paint it, so my only choice was to find my own interpretation of the subject.

Click to see the larger version, so you can spot all the details hidden in this paintjob.

I decided to try something completely different, more like some scary version of Lesza. Instead of being the spirit of the forest, I went for darker themes. So I included some moths, cobwebs and skulls. I also painted some haunting shapes forming on (or under) her skin, and cold candle light.

Now I can only hope you like what I’ve done with my Lesza. 🙂
Some of you keep asking me if she is available for sale. Unfortunately she is not, but it’s not a problem. If you have a model you would like me to paint, feel free to contact me about it. 🙂 And if it is one of the Slavic Legends models, I won’t mind it at all. 😀