Ithur, the Spider Queen

I painted the bust of Ithur the Spider Queen for the “Kingdom of Insects” Kickstarter campaing by Karol Rudyk Art. The original concept art was prepared by Fran Garcés, and Alexander Belov of PREYcollectionSTUDIO is the author of the sculpt.

It’s a very interesting model for sure! And I liked the concept of the sculpt, which is pretty much alien, scary and disturbing.

While the original concept was interesting , I had my own idea. After browsing Pinterest for some inspiration, I wanted my Ithur the Spider Queen to connect the alien insect form with the human. That is why I used both organic fleshy colors and alien carapace-like painting in my interpretation of this model.

While I know that my interpretation of this model differs from the concept art of the Spider Queen, but I think it was still worth it. I managed to capture my own interpretation of this character and had a lot of fun painting her.

If you ever get a chance to paint your own version of the Spider Queen, don’t let the number of all the parts of this model discourage you. There’s a bit of assembly involved. But as you can see from my photos, the shape of this bust is pretty complex.

And if you paint your own versions, please let me know. I will be happy to see what you’ve done with this great bust. 🙂