Privateer Press plastic Warpwolf – Review

A while ago Privateer Press announced that they would introduce plastic figures into their miniature range to counter the ever-increasing price of metal. Nowadays Privateer Press has a nice selection of plastic figs and as one of those figs is the new Hordes plastic Warpwolf – review was in order.

Privateer Press Plastic Warpwolf Review (1)

This set contains enough components to build one of three warpwolves. The advised retail price is $34,99.

What’s in the box?

Upon opening the box I find all part of the warbeast sealed in a plastic, with the stat cards nicely tucked away in a small recess on the bottom of the box.

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Our plastic Warpwolf review needs a detalied rundown of the contents of that little bag, which are:

  • 3 different heads, one for each class of warpwolf
  • 3 left arms and 3 right arms
  • 2 left hands and 2 right hands
  • Torso and pelvis area
  • A pair of legs
  • A tail
  • Round 50mm base
  • stat cards.

Privateer Press Plastic Warpwolf Review (3)

Upon first inspection the pieces look good. The quality of the cast is good. There is a nice amount of details and a bit of variation between the pieces. Every piece has a little peg to fit in a corresponding hole on the body. They fit with no gaps, but you can see where the parts come together, so I needs a bit of putty to make those areas nice and smooth.

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When I look a bit closer to the individual pieces I can find no air bubbles, no heavy flash and little to no moldlines.

A big plus is that the moldlines are on easy to reach places and not crossing or obscuring small details. The heaviest moldline in my case was one crossing the torso and it was easily removed using a sharp knife.

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A special note for gamers

There is a possibility to magnetize this kit, but it’s not as easy as on the plastic warjack kits. The pegs and holes have an odd shape and you might need to file down and cut a bit in order to get a magnet in. The best idea is probably to choose a set of arms which you like best and only magnetize the heads and hands. Keep in mind when magnetizing that the fit of each part is not completely seamless. You will be able to see where the different parts come together.

Conclusion of my plastic Warpwolf review

After the Khador warjack kit, this is only my second plastic kit from Privateer Press and I’m pleasantly surprised by the overall quality. It has definitely improved since the warjack kits and it shows that PP puts in some effort to create a good product.

I like the sculpt as well. It’s personal taste of course but compared to the old models I think the different models in this kit are quite an improvement.

Now that you have read my plastic Warpwolf review you must be wondering would I recommend this model? Yes, to both painters and gamers. It is a good-looking fig of good quality with a nice mix of details. It’s easy to assemble and doesn’t require much work in the way of cleaning.

Good job Privateer Press!