Do you see… ghosts?

I finished first two Ghosts from Euphoria Miniatures. When I saw those figures of modern mercenaries I thought of many hours spent as a kid playing Jagged Alliance 2 – a tactical PC game where with a group of hired mercenaries I was liberating a banana republic of Arulco.

So I thought why not to paint those miniatures as a characters from that game. So here are Carl “Reaper” Sheppards and Kirk “Static” Stevenson.

More of deadly mercenaries are to come.

Euphoria Ghosts

I would like to share with you my first impressions after rereiving miniatures from Euphoria: Ghost kickstarter. These are 32mm metal miniatures of modern mercenaries sculpted by Juan Díaz. They are multi part miniatures (body + head + arms) so you have quite a lot of possible combinations of the components, making each figure a unique one. I have to say that casts are really good and mold lines are easy to remove. Let’s show some pictures.
First 17 Ghost miniatures. Normally there are 8 Ghosts in the set, but all the KS freebies made this number rise more than twice 🙂 There are 8 different body variants and many different heads (bare, with hat, beret, scarf, sunglasses – whatever you wish). As for the weapons – there are knifes, pistols, various assault rifles (in most cases variants of M4), heavy weapons like Minimi or AA12 and sniper rifles. Different weapons and gear would really make each mini interesting and unique. Moreover these are mercenaries and unlike line soldiers they wear different clothes, like uniform parts, jeans, jackets, T-shirts, jumpers. You can paint them in various colors to even further diversify them. All the miniatures are supplied with 30mm round lipped bases.

Euphoria Miniatures

Drone controller with 2 drones – proper reconnaissance is a must!

Dog handler with his dog. I am sure that it has a very good nose and sharp teeth. I mean the dog, not the handler 😉

Injured Ghost. Yes – even Ghosts are not immune of gunfire.

Little Colibri – Ghost helicopter. I could not resist to buy this resin vehicle. It was not expensive (15 EUR) and well scaled for 32 mm (it is 140mm long from nose to tail). As for the drawbacks – it is not very detailed and the cast is not perfect (there are few air bubbles). Well, I can consider it as a challenge for my modelling skills 🙂

Euphoria Miniatures

As the last thing – here are some scenery elements from Euphoria – garbage bins, vending machines and barrels. They are great for diorama or as objectives in tabletop game.

Euphoria Miniatures

I am going to paint a couple of these miniatures in the near future.