Nymert, or Daemon Princess of Slaanesh

I’ve been working for a large Slaaneshi-themed project for some time already and I have the opportunity of letting my imagination go out of the box with it. While judging at the Hussar 2016 contest, I found this lovely model at one of the stands.

I immediately knew it would make a perfect addition to the army, because even though originally Nymert looks completely different, I instantly imagined her painted as a larger counterpart of Deaemonettes of Slaanesh! Not quite a daemon prince so maybe a daemon princess? 😉

Demon Princess of Slaanesh (Nymert)

I won’t be writing too much about the model, as you can easily find it in the Pegaso Models range, and my concept was to paint her much like a larger version of the daemonettes I painted a few months ago. My color scheme for them was not quite like the official one, and this one is a slightly modified copy of the same scheme.

I wanted her to look different, more out-of-this world, blending the two aspects you can often see in Slaaneshi models. The sexual or sensual and the scary, dangerous. So when my idea to add something to her belly, like a maw or vagina, was accepted, I went on to add it here. And if you are not sure you can handle it, don’t search for vagina dentata pictures… 😉

Base for Emperor’s Children – section 1 done

The first section of my scenic display base for the Emperor’s Children army is done now. It will serve as a base for the first three units.

Base for Emperor's Children - section 1
Base for Emperor’s Children – section 1

Right now I am adding chains to the deamonette models, so the models can be considered complete soon. There is still room for one more unit on the base, and I don’t know which unit will be painted next yet…

Scenic base for Emperor’s Children army – planning

As you surely know, I am working on a whole Emperor’s Children army, which should come with a complete scenic base. The problem is, the army size is not defined at the moment, so the base needs to be ready for everything…

I have never worked on anything like this, being more of a painter than a base-builder, but if there is a challenge, I am up for it!

I decided to build the base in segments, adding more as they become necessary. One segment can accommodate up to three units, so one should be enough for now. But to ensure all of them will fit together, I need to build the whole thing, at least to the point when I am sure the elements will be matching well.

So here’s what the whole thing looked in early planning stages:

Scenic base for Emperor's Children army - WIP
Scenic base for Emperor’s Children army – WIP

This is only a part of what I am working on, and it was an early planning stage (delay in shipping basing materials to me put the whole project on hold for longer than I would want), but then I moved to the very next segment that will be used for the most current units:

Scenic base for Emperor's Children army - WIP
Scenic base for Emperor’s Children army – WIP

Here are a few more shots presenting it with the first models (you may recognize them already, don’t you?). Now the base is already carved, sculpted, textured and nearly ready for painting (something I am more comfortable with) so expect some more photos soon. 🙂

Scenic base for Emperor's Children army - WIP
Scenic base for Emperor’s Children army – WIP
Scenic base for Emperor's Children army - WIP
Scenic base for Emperor’s Children army – WIP
Scenic base for Emperor's Children army - WIP
Scenic base for Emperor’s Children army – WIP
Scenic base for Emperor's Children army - WIP
Scenic base for Emperor’s Children army – WIP
Scenic base for Emperor's Children army - WIP
Scenic base for Emperor’s Children army – WIP

Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed for me, as I am still definitely out of my comfort zone. 😉

Emperor’s Children squad hails Slaanesh!

Do you remember the Emperor’s Children chaos space marines that I have been showing in various WIP phases for the last few weeks in various places, like my facebook page, Chest of Colors fanpage, or my Instagram stream?

Now they’re done!

Emperor's Children, Chaos Space Marines of Slaanesh
Emperor’s Children, Chaos Space Marines of Slaanesh

Though I must say I am very happy with the results, the road to this point was quite long and bumpy. Still, I am glad I finally made it! 🙂

Emperor's Children - working on bases
Emperor’s Children – working on bases

As you surely know, I tend to think about my models a bit in a storytelling way. There are no random poses, every model I am building is representing something – a situation, a state of mind, an image I’ve seen… So while building this squad I had some interpretations for every model forming in my mind.

Maybe you remember that I initially planned to paint the unit in metallic variant of its color scheme, which unfortunately didn’t work as well as I expected, so I needed to start over and try some alternatives as far as concepts and color schemes go.

Emperor's Children - early concept version
Emperor’s Children – early concept version

But finally I have something that both I and their new owner are happy with. 😀

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Decisions… decisions… decisions – choosing style for Emperor’s Children

There were quite a few conceptual debates and choices, but with two defining guidelines I knew I would use freehand paintings similar to those used on my Decimator Engine, that can be seen in my gallery of Warhammer 40.000 models. Of course these would have to be smaller and more subtle, but this tip was enough of inspiration to make me know in which direction to go.

Emperor's Children - almost done
Emperor’s Children – almost done

The other suggestion was to use the sticky slime/gore/goo/blood technique that I used on my Contemptor Dreadnought. The technique is based on what CUKIERas showed in his tutorial about creating sticky blood effect, but I use it also for things other than blood. At this point I didn’t know what it was going to be, but I was nearly sure it wouldn’t be blood. We’re talking sci-fi here after all, so we can use various alien or demonic substances of various colors.

After adding the slime it was all about testing a few color options and interpretations, and finally I chose to go for white, spiderweb-like substance. Now they’re fighting their way through a dangerous alien or demonic world, which is not a hospitable place even without its inhabitants.

I have some individual photos of the models, so I hope to share them with you pretty soon, but in the meantime let me return to working on a group of Daemonettes of Slaanesh… 😉

I hope you liked the results of my works.
Thanks for your attention. 🙂