Witch Elves (with a twist)

Kacpero has already shared some pictures of the commissioned Witch Elves unit. They a part of a larger commissioned project. One that will take some more time to complete. However we decided to show you additional photos of unit to you before finishing the whole project. Why? Because there’s one very interesting and uncommon thing about them!

On this photo you can see the whole unit of Witch Elves with a movement tray and winter bases. But check the next photo, just below this one.

Can you see all the different styles of bases? There are eight styles, each with bases for the whole unit and an accompannying movement tray.

Each set allows to place the unit of Witch Elves in totally different terrain. So the player can use bases matching the style of the gaming table!

We thought it would be interesting to show what the various styles look like with the models. So we placed a few Witch Elves on each set of bases.

Here you can see the Witch Elves on lava (chaos) bases:

Here they are using woods-themed bases:

These photos shows Witch Elves with marble bases:

Dark landscape bases:

Standard field bases here:

These photos show ice (winter) bases and the complete unit.

And the remaining ones are: warpstone (skaven) bases and desert.

They look nice, don’t they? And while painting all these bases (160 of them!) was a lot of work, they make the unit stand out for sure.

If you would like us to paint some models for your gaming needs (or even for your collection), please send us a message. We’re sure our miniature painting service will be able to provide what you need! 🙂