Between the Lines – Episode 11

Curiosity is a great thing. It keeps pushing us, humans, forward. It makes us think, imagine, invent, explore, research…

If not for the curiosity, we would still be hiding in caves, we would still be eating raw meat, we would still be afraid to go to the edge of the world. But…

Curiosity killed the cat, they also say.

Famous Last Words, part 2

Between the Lines: Famous Last Words, part 2

Thanks to Caiman for letting me use a pic of his curious model. Check his gallery to find many great armies and not only that!

Between the Lines – Episode 8

Men and their cars… What can I say, we do love our cars. The bigger, the faster, the more powerful – the better! Of course, red cars are faster, we all know that.

Here’s a short story of 3 little green ones and 1 red one.

No, it’s not about a bunch of Martians and their home planet.

Red One Went Faster

All pics were used courtesy to Jarhead, famous member of the famous Massive Voodoo group.

Between the Lines: Red One Goes Faster

Between the Lines – Episode 7

I’ve been told that I should pay more attention to issues important for painters, as Chest of Colors is the site for painters.


OK, if that’s what you ask for…

The first ever Between the Lines tutorial. I’ll deal with one very important issue. Beware though, it may turn upside down everything you knew about painting so far.

Colour Theory

Between the Lines: Colour Theory

Many thanks to Camelson, superb painter and friendly chap who let me use one of his minis as an example for my tutorial.