Liu Yifei on a chair

This statue represents Liu Yifei, a popular Chinese-American actress. The figure is 12” tall.

Liu Yifei on a chair, 12" statue
Liu Yifei on a chair, 12″ statue

This unique model belongs to a larger series of actresses on chairs. It was a private project of a collector, who designed the models in DAZ Studio – a software application for designing 3D characters.

Liu Yifei

Our team did all the 3D printing, modeling and preparation work here. After that, I did the painting.

The statue has natural hair, which is uncommon in that scale.

Liu Yifei on a chair, 12" statue

Lace underwear is my work, including the design and painting.

Liu Yifei on a chair, 12" statue - closeup of details
Closeup of details

We created only one copy of this statue. This means that only one unique copy of this model exists in the world.