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Recently I purchased few resin diorama items from Polish manufacturer I would like to share with you my impression about them. Here is what I bought:
– Cottage
– Outhouse
– Wooden barrels
– Big wooden barrels
– Vases
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The items are made in 28 mm scale. Each set is packed in a small bag with label. The casts made of light grey resin are really good and I didn’t notice any bigger air bubbles or substancial mould lines. Let’s look closer at each set.

The set contains 13 pieces that allow to assemble one building with following dimensions: 105 mm (height), 14 mm (lenght), 100 mm (width). The pieces are not bent and there should be no problems with the assembly. The doors are cast as one piece with the walls, so if anyone wants to make them openable, it should require some work. There are no details on the inside parts of the house (there in no floor either), so if you want an interior, you should do it yourself. This a different approach than for example in Tabletop World buildings (which have interior), although they are about 30% more expensive than those from You should decide yourself whether you will use house interiors durring wargaming sessions or no.
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This little building has dimensions: 50 mm (height), 35 mm (lenght), 35 mm (width). The set contains 5 parts (4 walls and roof). Again – the parts are straight and fit together well. There is no interior either, but I will not complain this time. I’m not going to put any figure inside, although technically speaking there is room for one 28-32mm miniature 🙂
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Wooden barrels
Set contains 6 resin barrels 19 mm high, cast as one piece each.
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Big wooden barrels
Set contains 5 resin barrels 23 mm high, cast as two pieces each (barrel and cover).
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Set contains 6 unique resin vases 18-24 mm high, cast as one piece each.
(click to see bigger photo)

Overall I think that the items from are worth their price and should make nice diorama or battlefield addition. Soon I will paint them and show you finished pieces, so stay tuned.

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