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Welcome to my first blog-type post here at Chest of Colors! I will try to show you my progress in becoming a better painter. I am a big fan of skirmish games like Hell Dorado, Mordheim or Necromunda. My favourite miniatures come from Confrontation. Ok, lets see what’s happening at my workbench…

Recently I have been playing a lot of Necromunda and here is my Escher band, whose name is Spice Girls.

Necromunda Escher gang - Spice Girls

More pictures from the beginning of painting the warband you can see at forum here. The girls are almost ready so at my desk is this guy for my raising Vampire Counts army. The new Krell from Games Workshop. I was that lucky  that I didn’t have to fill any gaps, so it really was a finecast 🙂 More skeletons and vampires you can find here.


And a little teaser what I got myself and hopefully will present to you see.

New miniatures

Enough talking, time for some painting 😉 see you next time!

3 thoughts on “’s blog – The beginning”

  1. Iron Man is nice. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for painting FC miniature, hihihihi 😀 Show us some progress later.

    Good luck!

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