Some Red Box Games miniatures

After participating in 2 Red Box Games Kickstarter campaigns I obtained some nice figures, that (at least partially) I decided to paint. The first one is Svartulf the Savage, a Conan-like warrior with really nasty looking sword. As you can see he’s got a lot of muscles and therefore painting his skin was the most time-consuming, although the final effect was worth it. The armor parts are painted as a worn out and rusty ones. I put him on 40mm wood-themed base (he was too big for a 25mm one).


I also painted Egilhard the Peacemaker – a classical looking viking mini. I painted him in rather natural, earth colors (mostly browns and greens). Painting his shield was quite a fun too.


Overall, Red Box Games figures are really nice, full of details and fun to paint minis. I will surely paint some more of them soon.



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