Pssst, they are coming…

Who is coming?” you may ask. Well, since I recently started watching The Walking Dead I wanted to paint a couple of apocalypse survivors. I also wanted to try painting a bit larger miniatures than 28-32 mm I usually paint. Scale 1/35 (~50 mm) seemed perfect. Not too big and not so small. There is quite a lot of miniatures in this scale that suit my plans, including Apocalypose Survivors from Evolution Miniatures. This is the first of two from the set. The miniature in 1/35 scale (especially the one I painted) is much more detailed than the one in 32 mm scale. There is more to paint but the effect is IMHO better.

I will name the painted miniatures in this project after The Walking Dead characters (even the ones that already died – there is quite a lot of those)

This one looks kinda old, so I will call him Survivor Dale. More survivors will join the group. Maybe even some zombies will appear 😉

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