Painting with the young ones

Painting with the young ones: Sowing the seeds

It’s not my ambition to make my son a painter. It’s much easier to make a painting meeting when he also feels like joining us though. He looks up to my friends rather than to me, so he remains more focused and involved in their company. Also testing their tolerance to pink hairbands in dwarf beards and shields in a matching color, or a metallic purple axe for an ork…

Painting with the young ones
Painting with the young ones – see the two kids enjoying our hobby? 🙂

And I sit and forgive it all, loving him. 😉

Do you have similar experience? Do you try to get your kids into the miniature painting hobby?

2 thoughts on “Painting with the young ones: Sowing the seeds”

  1. That’s awesome Ana. My son just turned 3 and already wants to ‘help.’ So I bought a bunch of tiny canvases and craft paints and we’ve been painting those together. It has gotten him involved and trying something new.

    1. Great to know, Joe! Thanks for sharing the information with us. Such reactions gave me an idea for a future post…
      We also allowed our boy to create a few paintings when he was 2-3. They’re excellent, very free of grown-up approach and limitations. This makes them very creative and we wanted to capture this state of innocent creativity, which will never be so fresh and sincere again.

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