Orc Pilot bust WIP

Some time ago I promised you photos of the Orc Pilot bust I’ve been working on. While it’s not finished yet, here are some details about this project:

This model from Kromlech has already received quite a few good quality paintjobs, including the official one by C’Tan, so there was little use in doing the same thing again. I had to come up with my own idea for this bust and… so I did! 😀

My concept

Most painters interpret this model quite literally, as a pilot bust, painted in a pretty realistic way. I decided to go for something quite opposite – instead of making it a realistic bust, I would make it unrealistic. Or maybe not “unrealistic” but rather not a realistic representation of a pilot.

My version will be a statue. One carved in a way that would bring crystal figurines to mind. And, just like with many real monuments, it will have its own pigeons leaving their own, uhm,  “marks” on this impressive sculpt! 😀


I hope the concept explains the style of painting I chose for this model. And if you are interested in owning this model, feel free to contact us while it is still available. 🙂

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