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Hello again,

not so long ago (September 2012) I took part in Relic Knights CoolMiniOrNot Kickstarter. Last month the minis have finally arrived to me (!), so I decided to paint one of them. I’ve chosen Marie-Claude, one of Cerci Speed Circuit girls.

Like all Relic Knights figures, she is sculpted in manga style (large eyes and large…. other women attributes 🙂 – some may like it, some not, although she still looks “normal” comparing to the other minis from this range, despite quite strange pose). Speaking of the sculpts, the minis are made of plastic and the quality of the casts is mediocre to good. There were very few mould lines (easy to remove) and all the parts fitted well. What’s interesting, I had to use epoxy glue because normal plastic cement just did not want to glue this plastic.
Some details (like hair) had to be improved with paintjob, because they were rather flat, but this is plastic mini so you cannot expect too much…

I painted her in bright colors (it’s manga!). Painting white is not easy if you want to achieve both contrasts and smooth transitions. As the base for white I used Ghost Grey from Vallejo Game Color, and I added white for highlights or black for shadows.
One the base I used one of base inserts that were part of this Kickstarter.

And here is another girl that I recently painted – Kingdom Death White Speaker (although I did not paint her white 😉 ). Needless to say, the quality of this resin cast was “slightly” better than plastic Marie-Claude 🙂 I think she has the most naked skin of all the minis I’ve ever painted 🙂
I chose ancient/mystery base for this mini. The floor tiles are pieces of plastic card and the column is made of piece of spare plastic sprue.


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