Miniature of the month: May 2012

Like every month, this time we also bring you some 23 cool looking and very well painted miniatures. It is not much when you compare it to other months, but I still hope you will find 3 cool looking miniatures and leave your votes for the Miniature of the month May here.

Have fun, enjoy watching the miniatures and remember that you can always give feedback to the authors at the forum!

Authors say

Here’s what a few painters of this month’s entries said about their works:

Well, I managed to get painted 6 mechthralls each one took me about 1.5 hours each, not bad for tabletop but decent quality. Another 6 more of these guys to go and I still have a huge amount of Cryx to paint.
— Arctica

So this time something special, Grim from Pulp City – a yet unreleased mini made for special exchange thanks to generosity of Morf. It is about 19~20 mm tall.
— Maru

I think the proportions of the base somehow turned out weird and not fitting. Guess I should have tested putting Brahyn on the plinth before glueing, priming and painting everything. 😀 … A lesson well learned but I still hope it looks ok!
— P1per

Miniatures of the month May

Rules and voting

Everybody can vote for 3 miniatures of their choice. There will be one Miniature of the Month (the winner) and up to two honorable mentions. The number of honorable mentions will be reduced if two miniatures tie for the title of the Miniature of the Month, so the maximum number of awarded entries is 3.

OK, so now you should be ready to vote:


The poll is open until the end of June. The results will be posted after the poll is closed and the winner will receive a honorary badge to display in his profile on our miniature painting forum. In case of a tie, the badge will be awarded to the winners. Up to two models will also receive honorary mentions.

We encourage you to comment on this month’s entries, explain your votes or even discuss votes of other users – we’ll be happy to read what you have to say. So don’t be shy and share your opinion with us. Thanks a lot!


UPDATE: This time the winner is Flameon, whose entry beat its opponents by a large margin. Well done, Flameon! Honorable mentions go to JerzyK and CTan. Thanks for your interest and congratulations!

5 thoughts on “Miniature of the month: May 2012”

  1. I wonder why people focus their votes so much on single minis. Sure, they’re nice and impressive, but painting a group of models to a decent standard is quite an achievement, too.

    So my votes go for:
    – Flameon – excellent paintjob, probably the most impressive work in this month’s collection, plus a great scratchbuilt base to complement it.
    – Tommie Soule – 5 models painted to a ‘box art’ standard. to me high standard x 5 = impressive.
    – Demi_morgana – not only nice additions to his collection of scavvies, but also presented on a nice diorama, which could easily be a decent MotM entry in itself.

    And what are your favorites?

  2. My choice was almost the same: Tommie Soule, Demi_morgana and JerzyK.
    I like war bands and just couldn’t resist the Devourer 🙂

  3. Flameon – Amazing painting interpretation of a very original scene. Great!
    CTan – Strong and “violent” painting for a great atmosphere.
    Reynevan – Clean and precise: impressive!

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