Miniature of the month: January 2012

Another month, another mini… nope it doesn’t work that way! Every painter here at Chest of Colors produces something unique. Some of those miniatures are painted for own collections, some are for e-bay or commissioned by private collectors, but still every painter tries to give his/her best. Each month I will try to use the Miniature of the Month to give you a preview of what did we create and posted at our forum. So it is easier for all Chest of Colors followers to see what is happening at our site and forum.

There were many interesting pieces with different styles, manufacturers and interesting compositions. Many works are done for Miniature Exchange we had recently, so if you like them join our forum and maybe next time you will be the lucky one to get something nice and make something special!

Miniatures of the month January

Here’s the compilation of all the entries:

Authors say…

Here is what some of the authors had to say about their works:

“This is from Red Box games. I wanted him to look like a low level Skyrim dude. Man that game has made me a crappy father! I haven’t been around much because that game is pretty damn awesome”
— ScottRadom

“Here is my 1st large-scale diorama. All my previous works are much smaller. Main theme is Guild Wars Warrior VS Alpha Tundra Wolf. I had to make it in 7 days. So here is result.”
— Spellscape

“A fast at ‘the table but a little better’ painting of infinity miniature – yes, this base is with model. End it is mounted to it in an awkward way .. beside it is ‘pewter’ so is damn heavy… Anyway I actually like the model, but don’t like preparation process it requires”
— Maru

Time to vote

Do you remember the rules of Miniature of the month? They’re quite simple, but if you want to refresh your memory before voting, feel free to follow the link. Now you should be ready to vote:

Voting has ended.

The poll is open until the end of February. The results will be published after the poll is closed and the winner will receive a honorary badge to display in his profile on our miniature painting forum.

And if you want to comment on this month’s entries, explain why you voted the way you did, or maybe discuss votes of other users – we’ll be happy to read what you have to say. So don’t be shy and share your opinion with us. Thank you!


UPDATE: The winner of this month’s poll is Ana. Congratulations!

6 thoughts on “Miniature of the month: January 2012”

  1. My vote goes to ToMaZ. I think it’s the finest work from him so far and knowing what odds he had to overcome to paint it, I am even more impressed with it. We know you can do it, ToMaZ, don’t give up!

  2. Quidamcorvus for me. I was torn between a few – Marta’s and Loler’s being the others I like most. But the whole army setting by Quidamcorvus has a great dramatic atmosphere. Excellent gallery all round though.

  3. so many to choose from…
    I voted for Ctan, just because similar idea was in my head for a long time already, and he executed it perfectly 🙂 but, I could easily vote for few other works 🙂

  4. I think this month is the toughest one. Most of the entries are at similar high standard.
    This time I choose REDAV, I like his style of painting and this miniature shows what good painter he is. The base could better, but still it is my favorite this month 🙂

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