Miniature of the month: February 2012

February is short and that is why there are a bit less entries than in January. But did the miniature painting quality drop? I don’t think so. Just see how many different entries we’ve got. It keeps me wondering how some painters manage to paint so beautiful minis, that they could be winning each month! It has to be just pure talent. That is also why you are now allowed to give 3 votes for different miniatures. It shouldn’t be a problem now to vote, or what do you think?

What about my entry? Well… shame on me that I didn’t finish anything during whole month. Next month I will try to do better.

Authors say

What people had to say about their works:

“Here is my new miniature. Im not really content of this mini, sculpt was bad and had a lot of air bubbles and other things which made painting this miserable. Only dress was nice in work. So I’m happy I can make other miniatures now.”
— Flameon

“Thanks to Nameless’ opinion I added more contrast on it – light is sharper now. The minis were chosen by the customer and Mahon, I added a little conversion: The ogre has resculpted waist and neck. On the back I took off the standards, and added them to the base and cannon. On the back I put a weapon (probably from Rackcham). I found and added two Forsaken or Chaos Spawns (the choice is yours). These two minis are from Heresy.”
— Ana

“I painted this model for Bytom 2012 show, I thought it would be weird to go there without any historical model. It’s Roman Cavalry Officer from Latorre Models, 54mm scale. based on a character from Gladiator film, so I call him Spanyard instead. New company for my showcase, historical genre, bigger scale – I still follow my plans (new manufacturers, variety) for 2012!”
— Nameless

Now on to the gallery:

Miniatures of the month February

Rules have changed!

You are surely familiar with the rules of Miniature of the month now, aren’t you? But to make the event more enjoyable for you. So what’s the change?

Now everybody can vote for 3 miniatures of their choice. Cool, isn’t it? We found it will add an additional layer to the whole fun. This also means there will be one Miniature of the Month (the winner) and up to two honorable mentions. The number of honorable mentions will be reduced if two miniatures tie for the title of the Miniature of the Month.

OK, so now you should be ready to vote:

Voting has ended

The poll is open until the end of March. The results will be pu

blished after the poll is closed and the winner will receive a honorary badge to display in his profile on our miniature painting forum. In case of a tie, the badge will be awarded to the winners. Up to two models will also receive honorary mentions.

And if you want to comment on this month’s entries, explain why you voted the way you did, or maybe discuss votes of other users – we’ll be happy to read what you have to say. So don’t be shy and share your opinion with us. Thank you!


UPDATE: The winner of this month’s poll is Reynevan, with honorable mentions going to Ańa and P1per. Congratulations!

5 thoughts on “Miniature of the month: February 2012”

  1. Ana – great diorama, very artistic
    Namless – big scale + great mood
    P1per – beautiful contrast
    even tho there were 3 votes to give, it made me spend 20 min 🙂

  2. Quidamcorvus – not only a lot of miniatures, but also a diorama. All painted to decent quality and with a cool concept and mood.
    Reynevan – I like this paintjob. Probably also because the model itself is very cool, but the final effect is impressive.
    Ana – cool diorama.

  3. Flameon : He managed to get a really nice mini eventhough it’s in failcast, colors are nice and overall tone is really good imo.
    P1per : I really like the mini, superbe painting, and the tutorial he posted on the forum on how he did it is just awsome
    Quidamcorvus : Like Mahon, I like the fact that there are lots of minis, the overall idea is just excellent and so well executed

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