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Meet the Cyber Belles!

Our long-time friend, Tim Jonker a.k.a. Skrit, has launched this interesting Kickstarter project – the Cyber Belles. We think it’s a really cool concept and the models look oh-so-tempting, so we thought it would be nice to spread the news about something we like.

Here’s the link for those of you who are not familiar with the project yet:

The Cyber Belles

There are not many miniatures in this style and theme, so we thought we’ll share some more pictures to show you what you can expect to see there:

Red Belle
Red Belle
Blue Belle
Blue Belle
Yellow Belle
Yellow Belle

Inspiring Art

Even the concept art is so inspiring that it may be difficult to resist backing this kickstarter up! 😉

Cyber Belles: Red Belle

Cyber Belles: Blue Belle

Cyber Belles: Yellow Belle

Good luck to Ouroboros Miniatures from the Chest of Colors team! 🙂

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