Diablo IV: Lilith [NomNom Figures]

Lilith from NomNom Figures: Better Than The Official Figure?

In the shadowed and tumultuous realm of the Diablo IV universe, Lilith stands as a figure of immense power and profound complexity. Known as the Daughter of Hatred, she is the progeny of the Prime Evil Mephisto and the sister of Lucion. Her lore is as rich as it is dark, woven into the very fabric of the game’s mythology.

The Making of an Icon

Thanks to the great sculpt from NomNom Figures, we were able to bring this iconic character to life. First, we 3D-printed the figure. Then Ańa used her artistic touch to illuminate Lilith’s complex persona. The inspiration came from the rich lore of the Diablo IV universe.

Lilith [NomNom Figures]

Lilith’s Lore: The Daughter of Hatred

Lilith’s tale begins with her rebellion against the endless war between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells. Disenchanted with the ceaseless conflict, she sought to create a new world, a sanctuary where peace could flourish away from the eternal strife. This ambition led her to the arms of the archangel Inarius, and together, they birthed the realm of Sanctuary.

Their union was more than a mere alliance. It was a confluence of opposites that gave rise to the Nephalem, beings of both angelic and demonic essence. These offspring were the first humans, powerful entities that threatened the balance of power in the cosmos. Lilith, as the Mother of Sanctuary, fiercely protected her children, even against the will of Heaven and Hell.

Design Inspiration

Ańa was inspired by Lilith’s haunting beauty that juxtaposes her demonic nature. The figure captures her commanding presence with wings resembling flesh and shadow fusion, and the glow of an otherworldly fire.

Craftsmanship Excellence

Every detail of this figure reflects meticulous craftsmanship. From its intricate design of the sculpt, high-quality 3D-printing, to the vibrant colors capturing Lilith’s enigmatic aura – it confirms the skills and artistic qualities of everybody involved in the process.

Museum Piece

As the model was created for the Verko’s Vault museum, making it unavailable for purchase, you may want to have another figure painted for your own collection.

Don’t hesitate, and contact us to arrange a free consultation, during which we may discuss your expectations and decide how to approach it in an optimal way.

Lilith [NomNom Figures]


Lilith’s character is a tapestry of ambition, love, betrayal, and survival. She is a mother, a creator, a destroyer, and a savior. Her actions have shaped the world of Sanctuary and the fate of all who dwell within it. As players delve into the depths of Diablo IV, they will find themselves entangled in the legacy of Lilith, the enigmatic and indomitable Daughter of Hatred.

Remember, Lilith from NomNom Figures and our interpretation of this model can be considered more than just a collectible figure; she embodies a saga that transcends time and space, forever etched in the annals of gaming history.

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