The last sigh (review and painting)

Hello guys,

after all those brutal drunes I decided to paint something more subtle. Here is Last sigh – mini from Figone. This is my first figure from this manufacturer, so now let’s give it a closer look.

The mini is made of high quality resin. The details are really great, despite they’re quite subtle.

The mini has 2 assembly options – she can hold a bird (probably a hawk) or eastern looking axe/halberd. I like her more with the first option. The quality of the cast is great and almost no work is required before painting.

And here is another mini from Figone – Rhymaiss. As you can see, the details are also superb, almost no mould lines are visible. I’m sure I will paint it soon. I’ll only have to choose appropriate base and paint scheme…

Let’s return to Last sigh – here is how I painted her. I wanted her to look like eastern princess from One thousand and one nights tale, so I used rather clear and vivid colors. The color scheme is similar to the one on manufacturer’s site.

On the base I used oriental arch with door – resin scenery element also made by Figone. It fits this mini perfectly. The floor is made of pieces of plastic card.

Overall, painting this mini was a pleasure. I don’t know why, but painting figures of beautiful ladies is always pleasant 🙂



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