Photo: Painting skin - Tutorial

How to paint skin like Demon Color

In response to all the questions about Demon_Color’s way of painting flesh, we are presenting his own description of how he does it… So let him tell us how to paint skin like he does:

Method one

The skin on the Ogre is painted in two ways. The first way is with use of my favorite lines. I use lines to paint surfaces where are lots of curvatures and raisings on small areas – for example hands and faces.

In the beginning we must choose a raised area, for example a muscle. We have to position front and back of the chosen area. On the front of the area, we choose a place where we will start painting our lines. Now with a fast pull we draw a line from the place we have chosen to the back of the surface. Next we continue drawing other lines right next to previous line but just lighter one. After some practice the lines will look dynamic and will give some dynamism to painted in such way surface. Everything depends on predisposition and skills of the painter. Not everyone will be able to paint this way – you have to love lines to get it right.

Photo: Painting skin - Tutorial

We must pay attention because painted surfaces can look like naked muscles – in shorter words – our miniature can look like skinned alive. When I look at my earlier miniatures I see that some of them have tendency to “walk without skin” – and a few times I’ve been pointed out about that.

Method two

To avoid that I use the other method of painting skin – soft transitions. I use it mainly when painting large, flat surfaces. Everything goes just like with blending, but mainly on semicircle surfaces (in the case of Ogre – blade-bone) I use a characteristic line which will mark out the area of the blade-bone.

Photo: Painting skin - Tutorial

Colors used

For both methods I use the following colors (Vallejo paints):

  1. DARK FLESHTONE nr 44 (GW Bestial brown)
  2. PARASITE BROWN nr 42 (GW Snakebite leather)
  3. sometimes COBRA LEATHER (but rarely) nr 40
  4. sometimes SCROFULOUS BROWN (rarely) nr 38 (GW leprous)
  5. DWARF SKIN nr 41
  6. PALE FLESH nr 3
  7. WHITE

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