Gorthang the Swamp Master - dragon from Karol Rudyk Art

Gorthang the Swamp Master – I want this dragon!

You may remember the dragon that I saw at Hussar 2015 and posted to my Instagram stream. Yes, the huge one from Karol Rudyk Art!

Now I know that its name is Gorthang the Swamp Master, and thanks to Karol I finally have some better photos than the ones I took at Hussar. Check them out:


I am not going to encourage anybody to purchase this model, as it’s going to be an expensive thing, but in case you are interested (and it’s worth it if you can afford the cost), contact the author at Karol Rudyk Art.

I still believe I will get my chance to paint one some day… 😀


The dragon  is already available (while stocks last).


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