Goblin Invasion (1)

After something big (Angrislaug) comes something small – a bunch of nasty little goblins from Aenor Miniatures. I purchased them through Kickstarter. I went for metal ones and it was a good choice. They were cheaper than resin and the quality of the casts is really good. Removing of mold lines is quite easy on those minis. In total there will be 22 goblins, 2 trolls and 1 half-giant. That is a serious warband!

I like the fact that each goblin is unique – some are tall, some are fat and short. They have different poses and weapons. The miniatures are detailed with various equipment like sacks, bones, pieces of armor and so on.
I painted first 3 goblin grunts. I’ve chosen rather colorful paint scheme for them and simple dungeon basing. More goblins are to come soon 🙂

Goblins - Aenor Miniatures
Goblins - Aenor Miniatures

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