Initiative Magazine issue 11 Out Now!

New miniatures were released? Spread the news!
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Initiative Magazine issue 11 Out Now!

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Welcome to Initiative Magazine issue 11.

We have a bit of a feast for you, with the next part of our D&D / Pathfinder adventure returning. If anyone is playing along, please let us know how it’s going. Any and all feedback is most appreciated.

Our cover article this month is the Gangs of Rome game; this has been written by Normski, who had the opportunity to play this recently.

Two new writers make their way into the mag, with Drew providing us with some painting tips on painting faces; check it out and bring some colour to your cheeks. We also have a show report from Tom Mecredy, who visited Chillcon recently. We also have Sam Graven contributing to the ranks with a look at the Batman Miniatures Game and Walking Dead: All Out War by Mantic Games.

This and so much more, so enough of me rabbiting on — enjoy the mag, and as always we appreciate your comments and feedback.
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