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Applying Paint Evenly

Posted: 4 Aug 2017, o 04:26
by Fencerfish
So I'm painting these 40k units and I'm having a hard time getting the paint to apply evenly to the surface of the mini. I put it on thin and then it really gets accentuated, and if I try to put it on thick, well, then I lose the detail of the mini's. I have been able to get good, smooth results with thin layers from my paints... I'm not sure it helps much, but here is a picture. You can really tell on the gun, it's just not even.


Is the splotchiness a result of not mixing the thinner evenly with the paint, or is it a problem with my brush? Admittedly my brushes are pretty beat up at this point, I plan on getting new ones. But I'm not sure if they necessarily would cause this?

Thanks ya'll