Some basic rules

The very few rules we have here... plus answers to common questions. Start here.
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Some basic rules

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Welcome to our forum :)

Here are several rules, to be observed by the users. It's not much - just enough to make this forum a peaceful and friendly place for us to visit:

If we all remember about them - which shouldn't be all this difficult - nobody should feel offended, and nobody will run into trouble here.

The forum has a separate Polish section - keep posts in Polish there. In the rest of the sections we use English - better or worse, but English...

So let us go:
  1. This is a miniatures related forum...

    ...but Off Topic threads are accepted here, as long as they don't break the other rules, and stay in the right place (the OT section).

    Many authors don't mind off topic talk in their threads and this allows to make the forum friendly and entertaining. But in case somebody asks you to stop the off topic talk, do it, please.

    Anyway - try to post stuff into the right sections, so that browsing the forum is easier for us all :)
    Each section is described on the main index page, which should make it easier for you to choose the right section.

    In case you find a thread posted to a wrong section (even if it's your own thread), use the 'report' option available for every post to report it to moderators, who will be able to move it to the right place. Thank you!
  2. Be polite

    Please be polite - English isn't the first language for many of us, and so many nuances of this language may be hard to notice for some. For example: instead of calling anybody 'stupid' tell them they are wrong. Think about the way your posts can be understood. If you are joking, make it obvious enough. Because you don't want to offend anybody, or do you?

    Try to remember about Netiquette, and remembrer the other users are not only "nicks" and "posts" but also real people with feelings...

    Also don't forget we come from different countries and cultures. Some things may be understood in a different way by somebody who simply is not you...
  3. No flame wars

    Don't attack users with your posts. Don't attack other persons, too. Don't offend them, and if you want to criticize somebody (be it a living person, or an institution) - be polite and tell what is wrong.
  4. Dangerous subjects

    Some subjects like politics, religion, sex, etc. often turn into flame wars or become offensive for people. Think if your post isn't going to hurt somebody's feelings or cause a problem...
  5. No illegal stuff

    You know, we don't want to run in any conflict with the authorities. We don't want any forbidden stuff to be published here. Please don't do it. We don't want no pornography, copyrighted stuff, etc.
    Provoking violence or hatred isn't welcome, too.
  6. Offensive marketing & spamming

    You can let us know about the things you sell or make - as long as they are related to our hobby. That's what the "Manufacturers" section was created for :)

    Only please don't be offensive and don't spam (eg. by spreading the news via email or PMs) - if somebody is interested, they will check the forum for new releases :)
  7. You're encouraged to comment...

    ... on the stuff posted here (it's what the forum is for, right?) even if you're not the greatest painter/sculptor/artist on the Earth... Only remember to avoid being impolite and offensive.
  8. You're encouraged to thank for useful posts...

    When you find a post that is useful and valuable in your opinion - show your appreciation and thank the author for his effort by using the "thank for post" option available for every post. It looks like a small "thumbs up" icon. The author will surely be happy that his post was considered helpful.
  9. In case of doubts - ask a moderator or me.

    If you don't know if you are allowed to do something or not - contact a moderator or admin (me). If you are unsure - it's better to ask than to regret later. :)
  10. In case of problems - contact a moderator or me.

    If you already ran into problems - let us know. We will try to tell you what can be done.
  11. Have fun here :)

Some interesting info can be found here:

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