Frequently Asked Questions (problems, help, etc.)

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Frequently Asked Questions (problems, help, etc.)

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If you encounter any problems, or have questions, then please read this FAQ first. It covers the most frequently asked questions. If the information below, doesn't fix your problem, or doesn't answer your question, then you're welcome to post here and ask for help. Thank you!

(Thank you, Corvus, for preparing the first version of the FAQ!)

:?: Where do I enter my personal information?
:idea: You can access these pages by clicking the "User Control Panel" on top of the page and then enter the "Profile" section. This will display a page where you can set various options about your account, like: personal information, such as your location, interests but also account information such as your password.

:?: My signature isn't showing up beneath my forum posts!
:idea: Be sure you've set the signature on the Profile page of the of the "User Control Panel". The signature is used for news posts, instant messages, etc. So you need to enter the signature code into the textbox on the forum Profile page. Also be sure to press the submit button!

:?: Where do I upload my forum avatar?
:idea: Currently uploading avatars is disabled, but you can use an external avatar by uploading it to an external server (like photobucket, imageshack, flickr, or even facebook) and linking it in the Profile section of "User Control Panel".

:?: How do I insert pictures in my posts?
:idea: Click the Img or Rimg button, located abow the post in the full editor (not in the Quick reply box).
You'll see the code [ img ] or [ rimg ] appear in the message body. This is called a tag, it marks the starting of the address where the picture is located. So insert your image address here, and press the Img or Rimg button again to close the tag (the following code will appear in the message body: [ /img ] or [ / rimg ]). It's a good idea to preview your message before posting, so that you can go back and correct any mistakes you've made. Advanced users might prefer entering the Img tags directly, without using the buttons. Of course this is perfectly possible.
If you try to post a photo that is too wide for the forum, you will be notified to use the Rimg tag, so you don't have to worry about remembering to use it.

example of the code looks like this:

Code: Select all

:?: I cannot get the right image address from Flickr
:idea: Follow these instructions:
1. Choose "actions" on Flickr;
2. Choose "view all sizes" from the menu;
3. Select size (eg. large);
4. Right click, copy address/URL of the image;
5. Use it in the RIMG or IMG tag.

:?: So what is the difference between IMG and RIMG tags for inserting images?
:idea: Img posts the image straight to the forum. The image is posted at its full size, so if it's bigger than the forum's width, only a part of the image will be shown. In this case it's better to use the Rimg tag, which shows only a resized version (fitting into the forum's layout), which is linked to the full-sized image. It's safer to use the Rimg tag because you don't have to worry about the size of your image. Of course if you're sure your image is not too wide for the forum, feel free to use the Img tag.

:?: How do I upload pictures?
:idea: You don't upload the pictures to this website. You need to host it somewhere else and just use the hosted picture here. Popular image hosting sites are: photobucket, imageshack, flickr, or even CoolMiniOrNot when it comes to miniatures.

:?: I found a post or thread that could use moderator's intervention. What should I do?
:idea: On the top of every post you can see a small "exclamation mark" icon that allows you to Report a post. Use it to let moderator's know when their intervention would be helpful and explain why. Common reasons are: duplicate posts to be removed, thread to be moved to a different section, topics to be merged. But even if the reason is less common, feel free to let us know that our intervention would be useful. We'll try to help you and your report will be appreciated! We'll try to reward the most active 'reporters' who help us keep the forum clean and in good order.

:?: Where do I enter the date of my birthday?
:idea: You can enter it at the bottom of your "profile" section of the "User Control Panel". If you want others to know when your birthday is, you can enter the date, but it's not obligatory. Press "Submit" in the bottom of t he screen then.

:?: Why my signature refuses to appear under my posts?
:idea: If you want to use signature always, you have to check the "always use signature" field in the profile. Then, when you use the signature for the first time you have to click "attach signature" under your message. Later this box will remain checked automatically.
If you want to use signature always, you have to check the "always use signature" field in the profile. Then, when you use the signature for the first time you have to click "attach signature" under your message. Later this box will remain checked automatically.

:?: How to make sure my long post doesn't disappear if I get logged out before posting the message?
:idea: It's difficult to predict how much time you may need to write a message, so it's better to take some security measures to make sure you don't lose your long post in case anything goes wrong. Before posting the message select the whole text (eg. using ctrl+A on windows computers) and copy it to cache (ctrl+C on windows computers). If posting fails for any reason, you can restore the message by pasting it from cache (ctrl+V on windows machines). It shouldn't be necessary but you can't trust computers! ;)
And if you used the Quick Reply option, hitting the "back" arrow in your browser and re-opening the Quick Reply window usually brings your message, too.
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