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Latest News from Robot Pigeon Publishing

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Latest News from Robot Pigeon Publishing where we keep you informed about whats going on, in and around Figure Painter Magazine, Initiative and SeminART.

We now have more details and dates for our SeminART with Karol Rudyk. The course will take place on the 10th and 11th of Febuary 2018 at Firestorm Games in Cardiff and will cost £175 per person. The weekend will focus on painting demonic skin tones and demonic tattoo freehand. We also have some pretty cool news. the model we'll be painting is an exclusive from Karol Rudyk Art and everyone who attends will be the first to get their hands on it and be taught some of the techniques used on the boxart, by the boxart painter. How cool is that?

Initiative Magazine
If you have missed it, issue 9 of Initiative ( is now out and we have something special for you this issue: the first part of our adventure series, Leave no Man-At-Arms Behind.
This month our Gamezone feature is All Quiet on the Martian Front, bringing you a healthy dose of HG Wells inspired miniature combat. Normski writes his Insight article about the Fragged Empire RPG . We also show off Peter Bells’ excellent Imperial Fists in our Reader’s Army feature.
As always we want to feature your armies, models and projects in the mag so send in pictures to our Facebook. We also want to hear your feedback, good or bad, so we can bring you the best tabletop gaming mag possible. Get in touch through Facebook or email and let us know your thoughts.

Figure Painter Magazine
We're busy working on issue 47 of Figure Painter Magazine. The issue kicks off with a really cool Insight interview with German/Italian painter Angelo Di Chello, who does some stunning work. We also have unboxing reviews on miniatures from Robot Rocket Miniatures, Grey Matter, Mindworks Games and Altores Studio, plus a few more to boot.
We also have a major update to our painting competitions we're running in conjunction with Pegaso Models. Time is running out on this, but if you're quick, you can still get your entries in. I can say, this is going to be a real tough one for the judges.
If you're not up-to-date with your copies of FPM then you can grab them here ( ... ry&path=33) and don't forget, we no long have a download limit so you can log in and grab one of you purchased issues anytime. :)
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