Reaper Powder Monkey - Hide The Rum!

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Reaper Powder Monkey - Hide The Rum!

Post by Turelio »

Hi everyone!

I thought I should come and share some photos of a mini I painted last year for my sister. She really liked the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and wanted to get her own monkey, so this mini has decided to go and live with her in another state :)

And C&C welcome.

[rimg] ... G_2362.jpg[/rimg]

[rimg] ... G_2365.jpg[/rimg]

[rimg] ... G_2367.jpg[/rimg]

[rimg] ... G_2368.jpg[/rimg]

[rimg] ... G_2370.jpg[/rimg]

If anyone would like to vote for it on CMON, the link is here:
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Re: Reaper Powder Monkey - Hide The Rum!

Post by Nameless »

cute :) I'm sure your sister was more than happy :)
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Re: Reaper Powder Monkey - Hide The Rum!

Post by arctica »

I really like it too :) it is super cute and the details are nice.
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