Colour Scheme Ideas/Inspiration

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Colour Scheme Ideas/Inspiration

Post by ruanae »

Hello again,

Not sure if this is the right section to post this or not, apologies if it isn't.

Having almost finished moving into a new flat and hopefully setting up a nice painting area I'm starting to look at what I have to paint, and this is where I'm running into difficulties, not from not having things to paint (I have lots) but in figuring out cool colour schemes and how to achieve them.

For a lot of the stuff I've painted (Warhammer and 40K) I've been using "How to" guides which provide ideas and colours which I've then been able to tweak (using greens instead of blue on my high elves for example) to get something that looks good.

However, one of the things I have which I want to work on is a box set of Malifaux models, namely Kaeris and crew
(Best I could find for the moment).

And they are really nice models, but I have absolutely no idea where to start with painting them. I just look at them and my mind goes blank. There are some images of how they've been painted on the box, but I lack the skill/knowledge to look at them and figure out what colours I could use to get a similar effect. I would like them to look good but I seem to have a blank spot in my brain on how to get started/what paints to use/where to begin. I'm thinking maybe one of the fire gamin imp things might be a good place to start, but again I just have this blank/aprehension/fear about starting it.

So, I'm looking for advice and inspiration, whether general or specific, on how to work out effective colour schemes for (for now) these Malifaux models and/or a good way to get over that initial "I'm going to mess this up" type fear at the start of a project. As hopefully that will help me start getting the skill/knowledge to figure other ones out for myself.

Right, hopefully this is at least vaguely coherent, if not apologies, a combination of moving house and building furniture has left my brain a bit frazzled :bonk:

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Re: Colour Scheme Ideas/Inspiration

Post by Corvus »

Pick a dark brown, an orange-brown and an orange. With these three colors you should be fine for 90% of the model's surfaces.
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