maru - it is not a boat ??

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maru - it is not a boat ??

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hi my name is Wojtek but im also known as maru
im from poland / vilage caled Warsaw (not quite - ursynów) :D
i get in here in strenge way bay S?awek's jesters face.... end battle sisters ...
im usualy a mini painter (not only minis normal things moustly drowings bit not recent) / comp gamer end student (dont remember how long im studing defrent things :) - but it tooks almous eons :))

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Glad to have you here maru :D
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Welcome Maru!

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welcome aboard :D

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Hi Maru,

I'm glad that you join us. And my jester like his new face :)

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Needs more explanation
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Wecome to the boards Maru! :)

Post by Czarny »

Hi Maru where exacly do you live at Ursynów??

Post by Anonymous »

Czarny wrote:Hi Maru where exacly do you live at Ursynów??
on Wiolinowa st. 100meters from "ursynów" stacion(underground)
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Post by LadyEyes »

Hi Maru! :)
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Post by mahon »

hi ho :) join the fun and participate in discussions - be they in the Polish or in the international section :)
-- Mahoń


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