Some impressive stuff from CoolMiniOrNot

Another website published something interesting about minis?
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Some impressive stuff from CoolMiniOrNot

Post by mahon »

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Post by messiah_182 »

OMG!!!! This is just amazing!!

I love the "worm". It's just wonderfull :D
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Post by Demi_morgana »

terminator is amazing :shock:
slaanesh lord is also great (and it's not only because of naked chick on the banner...:wink:)

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Post by Lai »

the Slaanesh one is amazing!, i like the colors (and the faces)of the worm
also the space marine is awesome (beautiful beard sign!), but i like the other the most
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Post by ToMaZ »

that slaaneshi lord!!! :shock: I love it. My favourite model from GW beautifully painted!! Beautifull freehand! Only the base isn't good.

The SM bust is also great, very smooth colours. How tal is such a buste?

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Needs more explanation
Needs more explanation
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Post by Skrit »

The Terminator bust is great! Some of the best skin I've seen so far. The boob-worm has very nice freehand. I'd like to see a close-up of the face.
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