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Becoming an excellent painter (From an ok painter)

Posted: 2 Dec 2014, o 18:14
by 5laine
Hi all,

I have created this topic as a kind of blog of my current work in order to get some feedback and advice so I can become the best painter I can be. This seems to be the place for constructive criticism instead of other sites where you get the obligatory "Good paint job" or no reply...........

Little bit of background. I've been in the hobby 2 years and painting is definitely the aspect I feel most passionate about. I read alot of articles and am always being proactive about learning. Infact painting miniatures has rekindled my love of drawing after 10 years and I hope one day to do it full time. Lots of practice between now and then but thats the dream.

So all being said here is my latest and best work I have done to date. I feel it could use alot of improvement to take it to the next level. Hopefully thats where the experience of the people in these forums can help.

Please be as honest as you like but be constructive ;) . Thanks in advance.

The link leads to my DArt gallery hopefully all works

Re: Becoming an excellent painter (From an ok painter)

Posted: 13 Dec 2014, o 16:26
by Maru
o my i t took me time and forum looks like is no longer off line or what it was for me (i was unable to connect )
so deffinity you got a brush control
but lacks a curage to paint at higher contrast, and glaze in an interesting hues in surfaces
would say - try this :
other is - paint mini B/W and check how good it go :)
o and base - a bit empty - but i assume it is a game minature so nothing fancy .. but you may always add something funny to the base like mushrums , snails or a peace of Wood (in Oboros wood land themed army )

Re: Becoming an excellent painter (From an ok painter)

Posted: 14 Dec 2014, o 12:27
by 5laine
Thank you for your feedback.

I have read the recommended article and agree, i need more contrast. I will do some practice models and return with hopefully a better level of work!

Your right, basing isnt something I have put much time into mastering so that is another area in much need of improvement.

Thanks again and I will return hopefully with a better level of work :)

Re: Becoming an excellent painter (From an ok painter)

Posted: 15 Dec 2014, o 22:31
by Maru
look at thous Tuts ... Bases.html ... -basics-2/
thous may be helpful in terms of basing or in search for inspiration for future quick basing :D

Re: Becoming an excellent painter (From an ok painter)

Posted: 17 Dec 2014, o 09:13
First of all paint, paint, paint - more and more! What has helped me was going to a contest to see in person some great entries. My motivation at that time was incredibly high!