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Re: I still want to improve my painting.

Posted: 12 Dec 2014, o 01:36
by huitzilopochtli
Thanks for the feedback, Maru. I see what you mean about the cloak. I'll keep it in mind for next time. Heads, too. I was pretty happy with the base but I guess he could stand to be a little taller. I've got a guy with some basic plinths, though, so I'll be adding some in a while. The off composition was actually deliberate. In my mind savage orcs are attracted to clashing colours. :)

Anyway, don't worry about the delay. Bit of a hiatus myself and haven't gotten round to sharing any WIP shots. Here's another finished one, though. Didn't do anything special with the base, he was an exercise in practicing NMM, and for the most part I think he turned out pretty well.


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Re: I still want to improve my painting.

Posted: 13 Dec 2014, o 16:40
by Maru
o hello :)
i like the scythe and i mean it - it is good ! very good
BUT what happend with the rest of gold jewlery on the mummy ? is not as jucy saturated as the scythe and looks a bit like made of bones - a to little contrast to over all bandages , mummy pastelle grey theme
if your goal was to get a Heavy metal theme PJ - you get it - it is cryspy and way to clean for me :P
but like i sey before - EM team would use metallicks and this would give required contrast just by it or they would go with contrast so over the board that it will be no misstoke what material is what like on official PJ of Liche Priest
in this case your Skin (well mummy skin not your's :P) is way to clouse to NMM Gold and they "meld" - they are both a warm colours and they are a bit creamy if skin was a cold hue contrast would automaticly hops up a noch

chers :D

Re: I still want to improve my painting.

Posted: 17 Dec 2014, o 09:18
A very impressive paint job! I fully agree with Maru about the face, make it more contrasting, maybe with colder tones.