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Re: Welcome to Dakan's Louvre ...

Post by Nameless »

looks great, even if I prefer a slightly more interesting bases than just ground :)
what I don't like here is that dirt on his robe looks more like a highlight, not weathering. Dust is not light, it should cover the whole bottom, not just top of the folds :)
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Re: Welcome to Dakan's Louvre ...

Post by Pandadosmares »

i like the cape and agree with Nameless, maybe a little rework with some pigments would do the trick

overall well done :clap:
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Re: Welcome to Dakan's Louvre ...

Post by Dakan »

Thank you guys! Must agree with you, thats one of many mistakes, that I done on it. :doh: I will try to give a little bit dayglow pigments to folds later, but in darker tones, because it looks weird on that dark purple ;)
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