Several thoughts on commenting...

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Several thoughts on commenting...

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One doesn't need to be a great sportsman to watch TV and comment the olympics....

Most critics aren't great writers, poets, or movie directors...

Journalists writing about art or sport don't need to be artists or sportsmen...

What does it mean? You don't need to be a multiple Golden Demon winner to comment works of other people as long as you're polite and constructive.

I don't compare to the great painters I admire - eg. the current French painters - but I feel I can comment their works. I can say what I like, and what not, and what I like less, and what more... What I would like to see done in another way, and if I have any suggestions...

Don't feel you can't comment some works because you can't achieve the effects the author achieved. Maybe with your comments or suggestions they will be able to do something even better? Or they will be more eager to share their suggestions about your works with you, which can help you?

Think about it :) Just my $0.02 ;)
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