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Show us your *finished* works here...
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Post pictures and discussions regarding finished models here, please. If you have WIP (work in progress) photos, feel free to post them to the right section and feel free to add the link in your post about the finished work.
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Showcase guidelines... Please read

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I believe it's high time I wrote some guidelines about posting to this thread:

1. Posting your works

You are free to post pics of your works here - we are all happy to see pictures of miniatures. That's for what we're all here!
As for hosting images - if you don't have your own webspace, you can use CoolMiniOrNot, or any free photo-hosting service like PhotoBucket, ImageShack or Flickr.

Remember this section is for showing your works, not the ones found on the internet....

2. Asking for feedback

In the past CoolMiniOrNot was a great place to ask for feedback. The comments were really helpful and informative. Now I can see only the better works commented, while the ones needing commenting, where something could be improved or some hints might be helpful to the author, are usually left without comments.

If you want more than just plain numbers - feel free to ask for feedback here. I believe that there are many people who would be happy to provide some comments, information, advice, or tips. Just remember - if you don't want to be criticised, tell us about it. If you want harsh comments (eg. because you are preparing for a competition) - tell us about it.

So the conclusion is: Tell us what kind of comments you are expecting. If you are an inexperienced painted and need hints, but criticism could discourage you - tell us to be gentle. If you are preparing for Golden Demon and want us to pick any single flaw - let us know.

We will try to give you what you want :)

3. Commenting

We're here not only to say how cool your works are, we can point out any flaws and mistakes. But we need to be polite and fair. No personal attacks, no flame wars are allowed, but constructive critisism is welcome :)

Remember that if somebody asked for treating them in a gentle way, do it please....
-- Mahoń


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