2013 Event Calendar

Golden Demons and all the other miniature painting competitions and events
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2013 Event Calendar

Post by Marta »

Hi Guys:D

I thought I'll start event calendar for next year.

Of course some of this events and dates at this point may be speculative and change in the future. I'll do my best to update the list, but it will be much easier with your help, so please feel free to post informations about other events (dates, location, website and other) so I can update this post.


26-27: Pleins Feux sur le Maquettisme, Ransart, Belgium


01-03: TempleCon - Warwick, USA
23-24: Painting Crusade - Brussels, Belgium
23-24: Hamburger Tactica, Hamburg, Germany


8-10: III Concurso de Modelismo Estático "Ciudad de Leganés", Leganés, Spain

05-07: AMT 2012 - Torrent, Spain
06: Welling Model Show, London, UK
07: Moveleo's Modelforce - Helchteren, Belgium
07: Diceni - Norwich, UK
18-21: ReaperCon - Texas, US
20: Salute - London, UK
21: Crystal Brush - Chicago, USA (hosted at Adepticon)


03-05: Herzog von Bayern - Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany
OzPainters Open - Melbourn, Australia


01-02: Role Play Convention, Köln, Germany
15: The Spring Angel 2013, Moscow, Russia
22: AGMF Miniatur Challenge, Düsseldorf, Germany
22-23: II Festiwal Malarstwa i Rzezby Figurkowej Torun 2013 - Torun, Poland
29: Master of Imagination, Radom, Poland


20: FigureWorld - Oundle, UK (No website, but lot's of informations here
Games Day Spain, Madrid, Spain
Games Day US, Chicago, US


1?: Games Day Germany, Germany
GenCon, Indianapolis, US
Games Day Japan, Tokyo, Japan


21-22: EuroMilitaire - Folkestone, UK
Games Day Australia
Games Day UK, Birmingham, UK


13: Scale Model Challenge - Veldhoven, The Netherlands
19: Hussar - Warsaw, Poland
Games Day Italy, Modena, Italy
Rotten Harvest, Wyrd Miniatures


16: DUZI - Wesel, Germany

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Re: 2013 Event Calendar

Post by Corvus »

DUZI will be held on 16 November this year.

Scale Model Challenge: 13 October, Veldhoven, The Netherlands, http://scalemodelfactory.nl/smc2013.html

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Re: 2013 Event Calendar

Post by voyager »

I don't know the exact date nor seen actual confirmation, but there is no reason to expect this to be otherwise - OzPainters Open - mainlymedieval.com/ozpainters - should be on again in May this year.
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