What's hapend to Sorscha

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What's hapend to Sorscha

Post by Maru »

http://privateerpress.com/WARMACHINE/ga ... eview.html

- whats hapend to her ??
it is Jez sculpt ???
- what is wrong with her butt ?? end whay it looks like IG from WH40K ??

im afride of "new" Denegra end Scarry .......
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RE: What

Post by mahon »

I don't think she's so much of IG...

I like her but I am not all this impressed. :|
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RE: What

Post by Skrit »

I agree with Mahon. But which Jez is it as I'm not too familiar with the Warmachine sculptors...
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RE: What

Post by ToMaZ »

I like her. it's not a "WOW" but a "that's nice" ;)
At least she has got a better paintjod than the first and second Sorscha.
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RE: What

Post by LadyEyes »

Her coat looks funny/strange in the back at the bottom... Looks oddly shaped. :?
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RE: What

Post by Czarny »

I don’t knew so much Warmachine minis but I don’t think she looks like IG. It is just another mini nothing much.
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RE: What

Post by Demi_morgana »

I like her;
I especially admire her for the strength she has to wield double-handed weapon... :wink:

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RE: What

Post by messiah_182 »

The front of the mini is really nice but the back is strange.

Like LasyEyes said - her coat looks strange. And the backpack is really small.
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RE: What

Post by Corvus »

I don't like this version, the other versions are very elegant, this one isn't

Re: What's hapend to Sorscha

Post by jerz »

Maru wrote:http://privateerpress.com/WARMACHINE/ga ... eview.html

- whats hapend to her ??
it is Jez sculpt ???
- what is wrong with her butt ??
-nothing has happened to her
-yes, it's jerz's sculpt
-and nothing is wrong with her butt!!
Her anathomy is perfectly correct, just use your imagination!
Do you think that every person with flying coat looks fat? Just look at her pose! She is leaning with bend legs, and on right leg there is hudge 4-barrels gun. So how should she look at the back?? If you had accordion hidden under your coat would you say you are fat??
Personaly I think it's one of my best models.

Look at the picture (maybe it looks little bit primitive, but I don't have tablet, I was painting it with mouse):
ImageClick to see full-sized image

jerzy montwill
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