Problem with base layer

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Problem with base layer

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Hi! I am new to miniature painting but quite enjoy the painting in my spare time and althou they do not look nearly as slick as from more experienced painters I am really pleased how they turn out.
I have but one problem: when I apply the (citadel) base colour the color seems sometimes not to 'stick'. I sprayed for example a troll white and tried a base layer with waaagh! flesh, but when I finish a bigger part and wait some time white spots seem to appear. Is that normal or do I simply use a 'wrong' primer? Or do I need to water down my base color (thought the citadel colors should already be 'mixed')?
I am grateful for any pointers, the spray I use is this: ... pray-Paint
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Re: Problem with base layer

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Did you clean your mini before the primer? are you touching you mini? sometime the natural grease in the hands and fingers does that.

hope that this helps
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