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by Ariakas
23 Feb 2013, o 13:23
Forum: Manufacturers
Topic: Games Workshop
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Re: Games Workshop

I'd say that these armies had quite a few missing models in their previous books, so to avoid any legal issues like what happened with ChapterHouse, they hurry to get every codex entry done. Keep in mind also that GW has about over a year of content ready that they simply don't release to avoid spik...
by Ariakas
18 Feb 2013, o 13:27
Forum: Manufacturers
Topic: Arena Rex
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Re: Arena Rex

Especially considering who they hired for their minis ;)
by Ariakas
27 Jan 2013, o 13:34
Forum: Manufacturers
Topic: Raging Heroes
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Re: Raging Heroes

The 3 announcements they made are really gonna hurt my wallet! :)
by Ariakas
18 Jan 2013, o 15:46
Forum: Theory and discussions: Painting
Topic: Carry case for paints in dropper bottles?
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Re: Carry case for paints in dropper bottles?

I can add a +1 on the case Hellspawn showed, i have the same and it's really great, you can move a lot of stuff (the bottom part is great for an airbrush compressor by the way)
The painting community here in Toulouse sorta adopted it, we ran the shop out of stock when someone spotted it :p
by Ariakas
18 Jan 2013, o 15:35
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Topic: Mierce Miniatures (former BaneBeasts/BaneLegions)
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Re: Mierce Miniatures - Darklands (former BaneBeasts/BaneLeg

I do like how they claim to be absolutely independent from Maelstrom while their owner is the guy who ran Maelstrom, Rob Lane... Or how they pretend to have bought the whole miniature range at its real value while not having much assets at the same time. I am pretty sure they are honest tho and will...
by Ariakas
6 Jan 2013, o 14:00
Forum: Manufacturers
Topic: Wyrd Miniatures
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Re: Wyrd Miniatures

Dave Taylor wrote a review of Malifaux's first plastic minis, it should give you an idea about the quality and fidelity to the concept : ... astic.html
by Ariakas
8 Dec 2012, o 12:59
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Topic: Reaper Miniatures
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Re: Reaper Miniatures

Could be plastic, it was part of their Kickstarter i think.
by Ariakas
27 Nov 2012, o 13:34
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Topic: Bushido
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Re: Bushido

The 9th wave of releases for Bushido is available for pre-orders and GCT Studios present the painted
version of Fujitaka for the Prefecture of Ryu
ImageClick to see full-sized image
by Ariakas
27 Nov 2012, o 13:33
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Topic: Puppets War
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Re: Puppets War.

Puppetswar presents their almost finished new tank: http://1...
by Ariakas
27 Nov 2012, o 13:31
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Topic: Kaha Miniatures
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Re: Kaha Miniatures

Kaha Miniatures presents two new artworks: Svenja princess of barbarians :