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by Corvus
15 Nov 2012, o 17:47
Forum: Showcase
Topic: Gavvas Showcase
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Re: Gavvas Showcase

Your NMM gold looks quite good! Maybe a bit too orange to my taste but the blending is terrific. I'm not sure which figure is finished, I think the last one? The mage might benefit from some edge-highlighting on the blue ribbons. The yellows on the flying elf are quite good! Face lacks contrast, but...
by Corvus
15 Nov 2012, o 13:24
Forum: WIP
Topic: Gavvas WIP
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Re: Gavvas WIP

Hey! First of all welcome to our forums :D it's great to see a talented painter like you to visit this place. Do you have any other work you can show us? Please do so in the Showcase forum ( If you want to introduce yourself a bit more then you can ...
by Corvus
15 Nov 2012, o 12:06
Forum: Manufacturers
Topic: Basicks
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Re: Basicks

It seems that there is still room on the market for such bases...
by Corvus
15 Nov 2012, o 11:30
Forum: Manufacturers
Topic: Agora Miniatures.
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Re: Agora Miniatures.

by Corvus
14 Nov 2012, o 20:46
Forum: Manufacturers
Topic: Imbrian Arts
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Re: Imbrian Arts

I was at his site a while back and was wondering why it was so silent there... but this seams worth the wait :D
by Corvus
14 Nov 2012, o 14:51
Forum: Showcase
Topic: finished minis
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Re: finished minis

It really shows that you are working for yourself this time and not eBay :)

What did you use to make the stairs?
by Corvus
14 Nov 2012, o 10:06
Forum: Manufacturers
Topic: Zenith Miniatures
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Re: Zenit Miniatures - new releases

I didn't know what Flexible Funding meant, thanks!
by Corvus
13 Nov 2012, o 23:30
Forum: Manufacturers
Topic: Predastore
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Re: Predastore

by Corvus
13 Nov 2012, o 15:30
Forum: WIP
Topic: Corvus' WIPs
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Re: Corvus' WIPs

Forgot to ask: I also need a cool name for this project :)