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by Little Jimbo
17 Feb 2012, o 10:59
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Topic: Little jimbo's Vald von Carstein
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Little jimbo's Vald von Carstein

As a new member I think i wanna shear my newest finished mini. so here are my version of Vald von Carstein from GW. The pictur is not the best but im working on it. I painted him on a afternoon a new record for me and it can be seen in the quality. but i need to speed up my painting if i ever wanna ...
by Little Jimbo
17 Feb 2012, o 10:47
Forum: Hi, my name's ...
Topic: Hello from Denmark
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Hello from Denmark

It was about time i joined this forum in stead of just looking at the forum in incognito.
So here I am. I have been painting miniatures on and of for a few years now and with in the last month or for really got back in to it. i am more of a painter then a gamer.

best regards