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by Skrit
9 May 2005, o 16:17
Forum: Miniature gaming
Topic: The Calm before the Storm!
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Aaargh, that's gonna cost me money! (in other words, I'll buy the book! :wink: )

Not sure why but I just want to say that I really like those Dragyri mini's!
by Skrit
9 May 2005, o 16:13
Forum: Showcase
Topic: Rackham Wartoad
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Nice job, especially on such a tiny miniature!

(Note to self: buy a camera and get some pictures up! Grrr..)
by Skrit
9 May 2005, o 16:11
Forum: Other websites
Topic: Cool Nurgle marine...
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Saw that one too and loved it! What keeps bugging me though are the hands, don't know why but just looks a bit odd to me.
by Skrit
9 May 2005, o 16:08
Forum: Other websites
Topic: Arkaal's paintjob...
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Very very nice! I like the blending/combination of the cold and warm colours.
by Skrit
9 May 2005, o 16:05
Forum: Trashcan ;)
Topic: Potatoes with beer and bacon
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Sounds tasty, I'll give it a try soon!

Hmmnnn... Beer! :P
by Skrit
9 May 2005, o 16:03
Forum: Contests and events
Topic: Golden Demon Germany 2005. (who's going?!)
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Golden Demon Germany 2005. (who's going?!)

So, who's going? Are you gonna compete in the Demons? etc, etc... I'm going for sure. Last year I missed out 'cause of some private problems but this year I'm definitely there! (unless I die or something like that...) I'm going for Warhammer Single for sure but the other two I haven't decided yet. E...
by Skrit
9 May 2005, o 15:52
Forum: Contests and events
Topic: Golden Demon - France 2005
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Although known on many a forum I thought I'd post it anyhoo! Some more pics from the French GD. @Mahon and Corvus: Paintmaster is ment for people to show of their skills on a miniature that hasn't been converted at all. (so in basic, ...
by Skrit
9 May 2005, o 15:43
Forum: Hi, my name's ...
Topic: Skrit salutes you!
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Skrit salutes you!

First of all my compliments to Mahon for doing such a good job and working so hard! My name is Tim Jonker and I live in the Netherlands. I'm ??. I've been gaming and painting for over 14 years now but have suffered some severe painting blocks over the last year! Hopefully I'll get back into shape so...