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by Hellspawn
16 Mar 2014, o 03:53
Forum: Tale of gamers
Topic: Hellspawn's Salamanders
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Re: Hellspawn's Salamanders

Sadly no, still no pictures or work on my minis to show, since, basically, I haven't done any single stuff on my minis since last year (nearly to the day). So...why am I posting in my ToG thread? Well, yesterday I was playing online and talked with another player who happened to also be an old Warha...
by Hellspawn
21 Feb 2014, o 09:53
Forum: Other websites
Topic: Bob Miniatures
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Re: Bob Miniatures

Ohhh!!!!!! Fulgrim proxy!
by Hellspawn
15 Feb 2014, o 00:37
Forum: Manufacturers
Topic: Spellcrow
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Re: Spellcrow

Those Tartaros Pattern Salamanders shoulder pads looks quite yummy :drool:
by Hellspawn
11 Feb 2014, o 09:22
Forum: Trashcan ;)
Topic: Birthdays and other anniversaries
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Re: Birthdays and other anniversaries

:happybirthday: Panda :)
by Hellspawn
7 Feb 2014, o 18:45
Forum: Manufacturers
Topic: Knight Models : Marvel Universe and Starwars
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Re: Knight Models : Marvel Universe and Starwars

gah!!!! gonna be hard to hide the ring! My precious!!!!
by Hellspawn
5 Feb 2014, o 10:23
Forum: Manufacturers
Topic: Games Workshop
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Re: Games Workshop

Nameless wrote:that's a very very small vampire and a very very stupid mechanical hammer
Yeap, that's exactly what I thought when I saw it. Hammer is ridiculous and it's like it's a dorf vampire since coffin is as "big" as the dorf.
by Hellspawn
4 Feb 2014, o 16:35
Forum: WIP
Topic: Flameons wip's
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Re: Flameons wip's

by Hellspawn
10 Jan 2014, o 01:31
Forum: Trashcan ;)
Topic: Goals for 2014
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Re: Goals for 2014 wrote:Lost motivation for salamanders?
Well, I still want my Salamanders done, but the general motivation haven't kicked in back yet sadly so I need to have that back first before thinking of anything. I saw a few pictures that teased the motivation a little bit but still not enough sadly :(
by Hellspawn
10 Jan 2014, o 01:24
Forum: WIP
Topic: What's in progress by Dark Tower
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Re: What's in progress by Dark Tower

Pictures are prolly a little bit better but the skin tone now feels correct
by Hellspawn
10 Jan 2014, o 01:20
Forum: Hi, my name's ...
Topic: Hey there!
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Re: Hey there!

Welcome around :)